About Martin Pullinger and blue circle editing

I have several years' experience of editing and writing to doctoral and publishable standard on a range of subjects and for diverse audiences. I set up blue circle editing after completing my PhD this year to offer these services to a wider audience.

Since 2008, I have been a copy editor for the peer-reviewed European Journal of Social Security. My recent experience also includes the copy editing of book manuscripts, theses and websites. The majority of the texts I have edited have been written by authors whose first language is not English, so English as a Foreign Language editing is a particular specialism of mine.

I am also experienced in writing to a high standard. As well as my PhD thesis, I have written a published policy consultation document for the Scottish Government, as well as Environmental Impact Assessment report chapters for wind farm proposals. These have given me a detailed understanding of the requirements for copy editing text for different audiences.

My academic career also means I have specialist knowledge in several subject areas, which I draw on when editing documents on these topics. See the Specialisms link for more on these. More details of my academic work can be found on my research profile [opens in a new window].

I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and outside work I enjoy spending time with my wife and young daughter, cooking, playing badminton and taking photographs.